06/25/2024 Game - Partnership Desk

20 June 2024 Mine Usluel Duplicate Tournaments News

Please use the comments to help connect with other people who are trying to play methods learned in our lessons and looking for partners for this particular game only:  06/25/2024 Game on IntoBridge.com

This article will be removed a couple of days after the game. 

You are welcome to include any information you think will help find an appropriate partner.  You can define your level, which lessons you have taken, what system you like to play, where you are from and/or what time of day you are available.  

Rather than sharing email addresses and phone numbers, we recommend using your IntoBridge username and starting a conversation over there.  It is never a good idea to publicly put your email address or phone number on the internet, unless you want a lot of spam!

Also note:  People only receive notifications if you hit the reply button to their comment.  

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