What software do I need for the lessons?
All of our classes use Zoom. If it is a practice session we will also be using Shark Bridge.  Once you join the Zoom session, open the chat area and click the link provided, this will launch you to Shark Bridge. You do not need to download any additional software. You do not need an account for Shark Bridge.

What are the different Shark Bridge practice lesson types?
Declarer Play Practice - 1 Student Per Table

Each student is put at their own table to face 6 declarer play problems. You play the deal and then the instructor takes over your table to show you the correct line of play and talk you through the thought process.

Partnership Bidding Practice - 1 or 2 Students Per Table

You and a partner face bidding problems together. You can come with a partner, be paired with someone else in the class or partner with a  robot. If you are coming with a partner, please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you seated with your partner.

Is there a Recording of the lessons?
YES! Every class comes with unlimited access to the video recording, along with any notes from the class and a copy of the .pbn/.lin file if it’s a practice session.

What is a .pbn or .lin file?
An electronic version of the hands used during the lesson that can be uploaded to a bridge program like Shark Bridge or BBO in order to practice playing the hands on your own.

Do I need to attend all of the classes?
NO. The classes are designed in a way that you can attend any of them on their own and you won't feel lost. Bridge is a game of experience. The more times you see certain situations, the easier they become. By attending all of the classes you are going to get that much more experience needed to master the specific techniques, but each class is a stand alone learning experience as well.

Are the hands the same in the classes that have the same topics?
Each class uses a unique set of hands so you learn new challenges each class you take. Even when the topic appears to be the same, the class will be different and the hands will be unique.

Do I need a partner for the partnership bidding classes?
No. If you come without a partner you will be paired with another individual or a robot.

How do I cancel/reschedule/get a refund?
Send an email to support@wolpertbridge.com

What if I purchased the wrong class?
Send an email to support@wolpertbridge.com