11/07/2023 Tuesday Game Post-mortem Session

03 November 2023 Mine Usluel Duplicate Tournaments News

Thanks for playing in the Wolpert Bridge Duplicate game. We hope you enjoyed the game. 

We used a deal set and the pre-recorded post-mortem video from 10/25/2022.

For further info about the topics mentioned in the post-mortem video, take a look at the following lessons:

Board 1: Reverse Drury and Passed Hand Response Structure  

Board 2: Hand Evaluation  

Board 4: Major Suit Response Structure  

Board 5: Redoubles

Board 7: 2C Opening Response Structure  

Board 8: Reverse Drury and Passed Hand Response Structure  

If you have any questions about the hands you have played in these games, use the Q&A section below to ask your questions.

When asking a question, please reference the deal number. You can also go to BBO, and chose the deal you have played, and from the menu choose 'Export', 'Handviewer link', and copy the link and paste it in the comments together with your question.

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