How to register for BBO Duplicate Games

The Tuesday game is at 3:15 pm ET. 

The games will be listed in the Competitive section of BBO starting 2 hours before the game start time. You can search for 'wolpert' in the All Tournaments section, and register for it. 

We need your BBO username in your Wolpert account by 12:30 pm for you to be able to play in the BBO games. 

You'll play 4 rounds, 2 boards/round, 6 minutes/board. After the game, there will be either a post-mortem review session on Zoom in which Gavin will go over some of the selected deals, or there will be a pre-recorded post-mortem video. We will send the Zoom link towards the end of the game using BBO chat.

You can also find the Zoom link in the "MM/DD/2023 Game Info and Zoom Link' article on the Dashboard

Need a partner?

If you do not have a partner, that's no problem. In each of the previous games, we usually had 2 or 3 people who were looking for a partner. When you find the Wolpert game on BBO, at the top you should see 'Partnership Desk', either invite someone from the list or add your name to the list.  If you add your name, please stay in front of your computer so that when someone invites you, you can see it and accept it.

We post an article called "MM/DD/2023 Game - Partnership Desk' on the Dashboard a few days before the game. You can check the posts in that article or post your own name in the Q&A if you are looking for a partner.

We will NOT allow robots as partners.

Do these games pay ACBL masterpoints?

No. We are not yet sanctioned by the ACBL. These games do not award MasterPoints.

What level of players are allowed to enter each game? 

All levels are welcome.

These are learning games. So, Undo's are allowed and if opponents request an Undo during bidding or card play, please accept their Undo Request

If you have questions, please email