Michaels and Unusual 2NT

Fri, Sep 16 2022 Gavin Wolpert Interactive Lecture Wolperts on Competitive Bidding, Gavin's Master Series

Note: This lesson does not teach Michaels and unusual 2NT from scratch.  You should already be familiar with these conventions before taking this lesson.  

There are many benefits to entering the auction in with these two suited conventional bids. We preempt the opponents, discover good sacrifices and help get to good aggressive games.  These bids do not come without risk as it is straightforward for the opponents to double us for penalty when we lack a fit.  While experts do not use the "mini-maxi" range for these bids, we do have somewhat strict rules for when to come in and the vulnerability is a very important part of the puzzle.  This class will talk about the range required and also talk about modern expert follow-ups to these commonly played conventions, including Meckwell advances over (1M) 2M.

This class also goes over a long list of uncommon but important Michaels and U2NT auctions along with a valuable list of common expert agreements for the Master Series.  

Category: Bidding
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