Multi Landy

Fri, Apr 29 2022 Gavin Wolpert, Hazel Wolpert Interactive Lecture Gavin's Master Series, Wolperts on Competitive Bidding

This is Gavin's favorite convention for coming in against the opponent's 1NT opening bid.  This lesson will go over the entire system, when to use it and how to respond to it as the advancer.  We will discuss the fundamental difference between overcalling in the direct seat vs the balancing seat.  Can you come in showing the majors with 4-4?  5-4?, should I enter the bidding aggressively?   Can we bid game after they open 1NT?

Note: The 2D bid doesn't have a known suit and that makes it disallowed under the Basic chart (events with a masterpoint limit of 750 or lower, like a Gold Rush or a 299er or NAP/GNT flight C). It's legal in the Basic+ chart and obviously in the Open charts.

Category: Bidding
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